Rust Roof

Tiles COOPSLATE, QUALIDADE GARANTIDA. They are made in the colors black, gray, rust, green and purple, being the best protection for your roof.
Slate tiles provide greater beauty, are more durable, waterproof, require less maintenance and there is less fungal formation when compared to other roofing materials.

The sizes 20x40cm, 25x50cm and 30x60cm are the ones that follow the European standard (in black and gray colors) and are the most commercialized.

The guillotine finish can be made in tiles with a thickness of up to 08 mm, and from this thickness the quality of the guillotine is lost and the tile starts to break a lot.

The Rusty slate, due to its natural characteristic, in each piece there can be a variation of its appearance (of color, of the drawing …).

Due to its own characteristics, the slate in the colors GREEN and WALES when exposed to the climatic actions or the applications of products, can undergo color changes.