From our deposits we extracted the stones in the colors black, gray, wine, rust and green. With the objective of continuing the supply and the quality standard of the materials supplied, COOPSLATE extracts, benefits and markets slate in its own fields, always guaranteeing the total satisfaction of its clients.
The quality of the final product depends on care that begins in the extraction in our deposits, thus also guaranteeing the continuity of the supply, high standard of quality and deadline of delivery.

1 – Cutting Slate

The extraction of the slate is done through manual diamond saws, driven by an electric motor. The cuts are made in perpendicular lines, usually on 500mm and 600mm discs, depending on the characteristics on the slate in place, looking for the standard size of 2.30 x 1.40 m.

2 – Loosening of the Plates

The loosening is performed by wedges manually or adapted on the wheel loaders. The freshly cut plates are removed and suspended to be transported.

3 – Transportation to Industry

The plates are placed directly on the body trucks, and transported to the industry, where the stone is selected and benefited