The Slate of Pool Table

The slate is made of Venus Inkstone, these are the best slate which will be export. The slate we will choose must be provided with the following condition: single-layer, thickness is more than 100px, without iron scrap. These slate are grinded by JOY high precision numercial control machine, assisted with fine adjustment screw and electronic level meter, these made the error of per meter is less than 0.01mm. Now only JOY pool table can accept the strict inspection of the ball rolling on a pool table without table cloth will not change its moving route. JOY has the good reputation of first class smooth slate tops, this is because of the material of the slate and the post processing. JOY’s slate is made of killas, Chinese inkstone is made of this kind of this. The advantage of this slate is fine, less impurity, high hardness, good elasticity. The material is made in Brazil by the Coopslate, where they have an own quarry, they make the whole process, after this, the material is exported to China to JOY Factory where the material receives a final finish called Venus Inkstone.

Stephen Hendry 7 times world champion and ambassador of Joy Billiards in the world

Wood Material

The Wooden frame is made of hard maple wood, many factories use this timber to make cue. The hardness of the timber that chosen ranks top 3 in the world hard timber. And it has the best hardness in Chinese timber.

Pocket Mouth Material

The pocket mouth is the machine mould pressed pocket mouth. The outer leather mouth is made of fine cattle hide which processed by special technology. The inside of it is made of cooper skeleton. So the pocket mouth has smooth surface, strong anti-shock nature. So the pocket has pleasant sounding and anti-rebound design.

Cushion Steel Material

The billiard table is adopted with automotive spring steel. This kind of steel material have high density, high hardness, high anti-shock nature. This automotive spring steel used on the pool table, can improve the cushion function of the pool table.

JOY, the leader of Chinese eight ball

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group was founded in 1998, it is the largest Chinese eight ball production and service-oriented enterprise in China, Featured produtct JOY brand billiard table has become the essential product for high-grade billiard club in the Northerm China.
Featured event JOY CUP World Chinese Eight Ball Masters has became the synonym of Chinese eight ball. Main business is including: manufacture of high grade Chinese eight ball table, professional event organization, star player management, and ipool projection technology.