Packing and Fumigation


All the packaging is made by the company itself, from ecologically correct wood and undergo rigorous tests. We have the standard packaging and are made according to the requirements of each customer, taking all measures to ensure that your product is perfectly accommodated, without any damage to the quality and characteristics of it. Being built with solid wood, the wooden box presents in its preparation materials such as pine, eucalyptus, among some others. The wood for the packaging goes through the fumigation process

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation consists of a type of pest control that is a dry disinfection procedure. By chemical treatment of chemical compounds or volatile fumigant formulations (so-called fumigants) in a hermetic system, aiming at disinfestation of materials, objects and installations that can not be subjected to other forms of treatment, therefore, smoke is the best means of homogeneous diffusion of an active ingredient since it can thus reach the scattered particles in the air and the fixed particles.